What we do yMIND is a participatory innovative project with the support of the Erasmus + program

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“Our core aim is to support schools' culture to open (further) towards multi-ethnicity, to build cohesive inclusive learning environments, to promote acceptance and respect towards differences. Our guiding notion is that empowering participatory involvement, whole-school approaches, and close cooperation among schools and grass-root communities can help to tackle the challenges of growingly diverse European education systems.”


The project consortium brings together four partners from four EU countries (AT, BG, DE and GR) with vast expertise in education, prevention and social inclusion and long-term experience in international cooperation. Supported by 22 associate partners (eg, schools, migration and refugee support organisations, youth services and communities) we will learn from each other, exchange good practices, and test education models for gender equality, bullying/gender-based violence prevention and multi-ethnicity.

yMIND has been initiated by the SPI Forschung gGmbH (DE), and is collaboratively conceived and implemented with the Austrian Women’s Shelter Network (AT), the Health and Social Development Foundation (BG) and the ACTION SYNERGY S.A (GR), being the project co-ordinator.

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